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Generic Name:  Sildenafil Citrate      Strength(s):       100 mg

Brand Name:    Viagra                           Delivery Time:   25 days

Expire Date:    2023-07-10                   Shipping:           Worldwide

Get a proper diagnosis done and then buy Suhagra online with your doctor’s suggestion. Save your time and select an online store and then order the medication online. With great guidance from your doctor and effective usage of Suhagra medication you will be able to treat the sexual disorder easily.



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Male impotence is a sexual problem that creates issues when a man wants to get an erection during love making. A man suffering from it also cannot hold any attained erection as long as he wants. Suhagra is the best medication for relieving erectile issues. It assists a man who is experiencing erectile dysfunction to get the ideal penile erection and keep the accomplished erection as long as he wants during love making.  Consequently in case you suffer from male impotence you should order Suhagra online with proper advice from your doctor. Finish an appropriate examination before you choose to get it through medical store online. You can buy Suhagra online from a genuine pharmacy. You can get it and afterward have it once every day before sexual intercourse as said by your doctor. You can buy Suhagra online at an offered and affordable cost and use it for treating your male impotence.

Working mechanism

Suhagra medication includes an active agent that works on the male organ’s tissues and it aids to expand the progression of blood in the penis. An expanded blood flow in the tissues of the penis causes organ enlargement. The relaxation of muscles and penile organ enlargement desired erection of penis is attained. Along with desired penile erection, a man will be able to hold that erection for long span during sex.  Buy Suhagra online and use it. After taking it the medication will start it work immediately within few minutes.  The medication will help you to treat male impotence effectively but if you wish to increase the love making desire, then you should never order Suhagra online.


  • Swallow Suhagra medication with some water.
  • Always have the whole Suhagra If you break or split it the medication’s effectiveness will fade away.
  • Never take Suhagra medication after having heavy meal.
  • If you suffer from stomach upset then do not take this medication.
  • Suhagra medication should be taken one hour before having sex.
  • You should monitor the effectiveness of Suhagra medication once you start to use it.
  • Depending on your body’s reaction to Suhagra medication your doctor will be increasing or reducing the dosage.
  • But you should never do it yourself.
  • Self-medication of Suhagra will have serious effects on your health and also cause problem when you have cured the impotence.
  • So always start using and quitting the medication under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Buy Suhagra online and have it orally as recommended by a doctor.
  • Stick to the instructions provided by your doctor when taking Suhagra
  • You can also ask your pharmacist for the ways of taking Suhagra


  • Order Suhagra online and store it at room temperature.
  • Keep Suhagra medication away from light.
  • Do not put the medication in a space containing dampness and hotness.
  • Never place Suhagra in your washroom.
  • With children at your home, place it in a protected spot out of range.
  • Never permit your pet to interact with Suhagra medication.
  • Once you are finished utilizing the medication, don’t wash it away for good.
  • Throw Suhagra medication appropriately after its expiration.
  • Go through a thorough conversation with a doctor in regards to the removal of Suhagra


  • Suhagra medication is not endorsed for everybody and should never be taken without talking with a doctor.
  • Do not give it to somebody who is having comparative side effects to you without talking with a doctor.
  • It isn’t endorsed to patients currently adversely affected by the medication or different ingredient present in the medicine inactively.
  • You need to utilize it routinely with the goal that it will work best.
  • It’s the obligation of both patient and doctor to ensure everybody knows what drug the patient is taking as the present meds can respond with Suhagra in this manner bringing about unfriendly impacts.
  • Inform the doctor properly regarding your kidney or liver diseases or any other medical conditions.
  • Any prescription medicines that you are taking or any non-prescription or herbal products that you have taken in the past, everything should be conveyed to your doctor who will check everything and then prescribe you Suhagra medication for treating your male impotence.
  • Never drink alcohol when you are on this medication as it will make Suhagra medication less effective to treat your condition.
  • Be very alert about the side effects of the medication.
  • If you find any minor side effect, make your doctor aware of it.
  • This will help to prevent further side effects that can affect your health.
  • Depending on Suhagra medication’s efficacy the dosage will be lowered or even increased to some extent by the doctor.
  • Your doctor will check your health properly and then alter its dosage.
  • Men who have suffered from stroke or has cardiovascular problem, should carefully use it.
  • If you have high blood pressure then your doctor will prescribe this medication after proper diagnosis.
  • Any hypersensitivity to the ingredients of Suhagra medication should be considered and in most cases those men are not given this medication.’
  • If you are thinking of buying Suhagra online, get proper details about it for your doctor and then order it.

Side effects

  • Suhagra medication’s side effects can affect you in some cases.
  • If the side effects appear initially and stop after few days, you should not worry about it.
  • But if they continue to take place, then you must get serious and inform a doctor.
  • The side effects of Suhagra medications are not severe and if each day usage disappears.
  • However some may create huge health issues and make you suffer.
  • Always take medical help whenever any sudden health issues happen while taking Suhagra medication.
  • Drowsiness, dizziness, headaches and visual problem are common ones.
  • Nausea, lower back pain, muscle pain and dyspepsia are the medications less common effects.



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