Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Should Remain Normal Always

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, as it is commonly called, is a major concern across the globe. So many people get it in their lifetime. Of course, most victims across the globe are middle-aged, or senior citizens. However, there is no denying that younger people, and even adolescents may become victims of hypertension.

A Briefing about Hypertension

What exactly is hypertension?

Imagine water flowing through pipes. It does so, with a certain amount of pressure. However, if it moves very slowly, then it is said to be demonstrating very little pressure. The recipients will have to wait for some time, before it finally flows outward through a tap.

In contrast, if it moves too rapidly, it is stated to be moving with tremendous pressure. In such a case, there is every possibility of the pipes, and even the water faucets, becoming damaged.

Now, instead of water and water pipes, substitute blood and arteries. Blood circulating at high speed, puts tremendous pressure on the walls of the various arteries. This is hypertension or high blood pressure.