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Generic Name: Sildenafil Citrate                 Strength(s): 100mg
Brand Name: Viagra                                       Delivery Time: 25 days
Expire Date: 2023-07-10                               Shipping: Worldwide

Meltabs tend to be sublingual pills, recommended for that management of male impotence also called as erectile dysfunction. Meltabs include Sildenafil Citrate inside a gel-like material. The largest benefit of Meltabs more than conventional medicines is it melts by itself when it’s continued underneath the tongue and provides with great results in a short span of time.

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Male impotence is one such sexual problem that can make a man’s life dull. It will prevent a man from having proper penile erection and have sex. Even if a man gets aroused sexually he will not be able to get an erection. Some men who get an erection are unable to hold the attained one during sex for the required time. This disorder can be treated with some medications and guidance from doctor. For curing male impotence, Meltabs an oral medication is recommended. The intake of oral tablet actively treats male impotence related issues. The use of Meltabs medication helps in having a satisfactory penile erection and also brings back any lost vigour in men affected by impotence by improving the flow of  penile blood.

Working mechanism

Meltabs medication is a powerful medication among other ED medications that assures successful treatment of impotence in men. The success ratio of Meltabs medication is high in comparison to other medications of male impotence even if they include the exact ingredients .If you buy Meltabs medication for male impotence, you will see that it is offering double action. This is because the medication aids to prevent PDE5 along with reducing the rate when serotonin gets created and also dispersed. The medication is highly effective in providing a man, a firm and stiff penis apart from making sure that the man will be capable of holding the erection during sex with his partner for sufficient time. Its most vital ingredient will be redirecting a huge circulation of blood to the man’s pelvic region. This will aid the main to get a stiff and hard penile erection. Thus Meltabs medication will be assisting a man to regain his sexual capabilities and satisfy his partner.



  • Get a physical test done along with physical examination for determining the perfect dosage of the medicine for ED.
  • Usual dosage of Meltabs medication is 10mg is required in adult.
  • Later depending on the response Meltabs medication dosage will be adjusted from 5mg-20mg.
  • Approximately 60 minutes before sex, the dosage of Meltabs medication is taken.
  • Take one Meltabs medication dosage every 24 hours.
  • 5mg of Meltabs medication is the required dosage in elderly men.
  • It should be taken an hour before sex and 20 mg is the highest dosage of Meltabs medication that must be suggested.


  • Your doctor will ask you to store Meltabs medication in its original packet at the normal temperature.
  • Moisture and light should touch Meltabs medication.
  • Never put the medication in any bathroom.
  • Always keep Meltabs medication that you are using away from your pets and kids.
  • Do not think of flushing any used Meltabs medication in the washroom or drain until you have been instructed by the doctor or pharmacist.
  • Discard the used medication well if you will never use it any more or its expiration day has gone by.



  • Preceding starting any treatment for ED, doctors ought to think about the cardiovascular status of their patients, since there is a level of heart hazard related with sexual action.
  • Meltabs medication has vasodilator properties, bringing about gentle and transient declines in pulse.
  • Patients with aortic stenosis can be sensitive to the activity of vasodilators.
  • Severe cardiovascular issues including abrupt demise, angina pectoris, tachycardia, and cerebrovascular problems have serious problems with Meltabs
  • The vast majority of the patients in whom these issues have been accounted for had prior cardiovascular danger factors.
  • Nonetheless, it is beyond the realm of possibilities to absolutely decide if these issues are connected straightforwardly to these danger factors, to Meltabs, to sexual action, or to a blend of these or different variables.
  • Therapeutic items for treating ED ought to be utilized with alert in patients with various problems related to penis like angulation or leukaemia.
  • Meltabs tablets safety or efficacies with different medicines for ED have not been considered. Subsequently, the utilization of such mixes isn’t suggested.
  • The associative utilization of alpha-blockers with this medication might prompt suggestive hypotension in certain patients on the grounds that both are vasodilators.
  • Attendant treatment with Meltabs medication ought to possibly be started if the patient has been balanced out on his alpha-blocker treatment. In those patients who are steady on alpha-blocker treatment, Meltabs medication ought to be started at the most reduced suggested beginning portion of 5 mg tablets.
  • Meltabs medication might be regulated whenever with tamsulosin.
  • With other alpha-blockers a period detachment of dosing ought to be viewed as when Meltabs medication is endorsed associatively.
  • In those patients previously taking an enhanced portion of Meltabs medication, alpha-blocker treatment ought to be started at the most minimal portion.
  • Stepwise expansion in alpha-blocker portion might be related with additional bringing down of circulatory strain in patients taking Meltabs medication


Side effects

As your body is not habituated to Meltabs medication’s reaction, hence when you take the medication initially you will face few side effects but with proper guidance and dosage it will stop:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Blurred vision

If the above side effects last for a long time, you will be experiencing some severe effects.  In such cases seek medical help immediately and stop using the medication.

Few side effects will be serious such as:

  • Allergic reaction like hives, rash, red and swollen skin that will itch, have blisters along with fever.
  • Chest tightness, breathing trouble, along with difficulty to swallow and talk.
  • Irregular and fast heartbeat.
  • Pressure in the chest along with pain.
  • Having a feeling of dizziness and passing out.
  • Thing trouble
  • Balance change
  • Blurred or changed eyesight
  • Change in or loss of hearing



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