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Generic Name:    Sildenafil Citrate                    Strength(s):            100 mg

Brand Name:       Viagra                                         Delivery Time:        25 days

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If you are not able to get and hold an erection even after being sexually excited due to erectile dysfunction, now you can cure it with Caverta medication. Use it daily as told by your doctor and get back normal erection. Keep your love life exciting by pleasing your partner with proper erection during sex.



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Have you heard of male impotence? It is nothing but a disorder in which a man cannot attain erection even after trying a lot. Some men attain an erection but cannot hold it for a long time. It is also known as erectile dysfunction. Due to this disorder a man is unable to keep his partner happy sexually and have an exciting love life. To treat this disorder you can buy Caverta online. It will help you to have an erection and hold it properly while having sex. But before using the medication, you must become sexually active. Otherwise Caverta will not work perfectly. Have a clear conversation with a doctor, get all your queries answered and then order Caverta online for male impotence.

Working mechanism

Caverta medication works the same way as the popular ED medication Viagra. Both the medications contain the same active chemical sildenafil citrate. Male impotence begins in the brain and then ends with the penis. After a signal is received by the brain saying that a man is having sexual excitement, it starts to respond with all signals that help arteries in the penis to carry a lot of blood to the penis. So it becomes hard and stays like that for a long time. This disorder happens as a result of many factors that affect the regular blood flow process. It makes the organ lose and it is unable to perform the work. Order Caverta online containing sildenafil citrate that is a part of PDE5 blocker class of medication. It is basically an enzyme that plays a vital role to restrict the blood flow. It will affect the arteries smooth muscle lining and make them stiff. Moreover the medication will be blocking PDE5 ‘ action on the penile arteries and repairing the pattern of blood flow. Thus a man with impotence will be attaining a suitable penile erection that will stay for a long time. Thus men are seen to buy Caverta for restoring their manliness.


  • You must visit a doctor to evaluate the reason for your erectile failure before you buy Caverta online for treating impotence.
  • 100mg is the prescribed dosage of Caverta medication in elders.
  • Later it can be lowered to 50mg.
  • If you are young and have health issues like kidney disease liver problems, take a low dosage of Caverta
  • Use Caverta medication with some water.
  • Never take it with alcohol as it will be lowering your blood pressure to dangerous levels.
  • Take the medication after talking with your doctor.
  • After eating a fatty meal do not use Caverta medication as it will fat restrict all assimilation of it in the blood flow and cause different issues.



  • Store Caverta medication in a place that does not get direct sunlight.
  • The place for storing the medication must be cool having no moisture.
  • Prevent your pets to move near it.
  • Do not let your kids touch Caverta medication.
  • Check if the medication has expired. Throw it away in your dustbin and never flush in your bathroom if it has expired.
  • Before you buy Caverta online for male impotence, become aware of its storage from your pharmacist.



  • Individuals with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart issues must converse with their doctor before they use Caverta medication.
  • If you consume it without consulting your doctor then your condition will become worse.
  • Sildenafil citrate’s allergy may take place.
  • So do not take Caverta medication in such conditions.
  • If serious allergic symptoms occur, check with your doctor.
  • You can buy Caverta online without prescription. Many teens and women too buy it and take it.
  • However it can be really dangerous if consumed by women and teens.
  • One side effect of the medication that is dizziness will make it difficult for a man to work normal like drive or operate any machine.
  • So after consuming Caverta medication you should not participate in any acts that require total alert.
  • Never order Caverta online for preventing STD because it is not prescribed for it.
  • It will never protect anyone from any unwanted pregnancy.
  • If you have suffered heart problems and taking medications containing nitrate then never use Caverta medication as it will create bad impact on your heart.
  • Never order Caverta medication at less prices available in the market if you ever experienced painful or prolonged penile erection previously by using drugs that are PDE5 inhibitor.

Side effects

  • If your body attempts to adjust with Caverta medication, many side effects will develop.
  • But they are mild usually.
  • Rarely severe side effects take place if you take the medication in excess.
  • Not everyone is affected by side effects.
  • For discarding severe side effects medical treatment is needed.
  • Before ordering Caverta online, you need to discuss all side effects of the medication with your doctor.
  • It will aid you in dealing well with the developed side effects.
  • Nasal congestion, headache, nausea, stomach upset, reddening of face and vomiting are some mild side effects.
  • They disappear within few days without any medical treatment.
  • 100mg dosage of Caverta medication will cause these side effects.
  • Chest tightness, pain, breathing problem and painful erection lasting for over 4 hours are some of the serious side effects.
  • You must become aware of these serious side effects before ordering Caverta pills to treat erectile disorder.
  • If you do not have any impotence issue, never take this medication as you will develop the habit of Caverta for achieving penile erection.
  • If you take more than one dosage of the medication in a day, you will develop toxic effects.

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