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Never let impotence create a problem with your partner. Let your partner know about your problem and ways of curing it. Consult with a doctor and get the appropriate RuagraPlus medication dosages for getting cured fast. Follow everything prescribed by him to get back to your normal sex life and please your partner.

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Are you becoming anxious or depressed due to some issues? Is it creating problem in your sex life? Can you get proper erection during sex and hold it to enough for satisfying your partner? If not then a sexual problem known as erectile dysfunction has affected you. The main cause can be anxiety and depression also with stress, regular diet and lifestyle. To cure it, at first you should try to improve your diet and lifestyle and then visit a doctor for proper medication.  Men suffering from erectile issues and impotence problems are prescribed RuagraPlus medication. The consumption of the medication will encourage enhanced blood circulation into the reproductive organ of a man. With proper sexual stimulation, RuagraPlus will be restoring impaired function of erection issues by increasing circulation of blood in the male organ.

Working mechanism

RuagraPlus medication will take 20 minutes to start its action. The effect of RuagraPlus medication will last for almost 6 hours

The mechanism of RuagraPlus medication that is hugely responsible for male organ erection will involve nitric oxide’s release in a certain area of the penis while having sex. It will then be activating an enzyme known as guanylate cyclase. Thus the cyclic guanosine monophosphate’s level will increase and will produce relation of the smooth muscle in the male organ. This will let the blood flow in the penis which will help in getting the erection and holding it.

Its active ingredient will inhibit phosphodiesterase type 5 that cause cGMP’ degradation. Thus it will be enhancing the effect of nitric oxide. The medication has no such relaxant effect directly on the isolate corpus cavernosum. Release of nitric oxide occurs due to sexual arousal. Then RuagraPlus inhibits phosphodiesterase type 5 that in turn will cause increase in the level of cGMP. Relaxation and flow of blood into the corpus cavernosum will take place. All these will happen in presence of sexual excitement.


  • Understand that RuagraPlus is prescribed to you after checking your condition and benefit of the medication that is higher than any side effects risk.
  • RuagraPlus medication is an oral tablet and hence should be taken by mouth with water
  • 50mg is the suggest dosage of RuagraPlus
  • Have water while consuming RuagraPlus
  • You can take it without having food.
  • Take the medication every day at similar time.
  • The doctor will prescribe one dosage of RuagraPlus medication a day when treating sexual disorder.
  • Your doctor will ask you not to break or split the medication.
  • Without crushing the medication you must swallow it for best result.
  • If you face any difficulty to swallow a whole RuagraPlus tablet, tell your doctor.



  • Read all storage instructions available on the label of the medication for recommended methods of storing.
  • Follow them carefully to store RuagraPlus
  • Never flush expired RuagraPlus in your washroom as it will cause harm to the environment.
  • Use a dustbin to throw any expired RuagraPlus
  • Put it in a sealed package and then throw it.
  • Be careful and ensure so that your pets, kids or other female members do not use it.


  • Take RuagraPlus medication only for treating male impotence
  • If you are not suffering from impotence, never use RuagraPlus
  • It will cause negative side effects on your health.
  • Do not use it to get sexually aroused as the medication does not work that way.
  • If after you consume RuagraPlus medication, you get an erection that lasts for nearly 4 hours or becomes painful, you should consult a doctor immediately.
  • Sex can put additional pressure on the heart, mostly if you are already having heart problems.
  • Men with heart issues who experience any severe RuagraPlus side effects like fainting, dizziness, pain in left arm, chest or jaw along with nausea during sex must stop using the medication and right away contact a doctor.
  • You should decrease your alcohol consumption and smoking if your doctor asked you to take this medication for treating impotence as it otherwise adverse effects will occur on your health.
  • Never consume RuagraPlus medication with any other medicine as health complications can take place.
  • Never perform activities such as heavy physical task or those that need great alertness mentally after you take this medication.
  • If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, slowly get up if you rise from a lying or sitting position.
  • Any details related to RuagraPlus use in pregnant women and during breastfeeding are unavailable.
  • Consult a doctor but use of RuagraPlus is never indication in any woman.
  • Tell your doctor about kidney disease if you are having it. If you are unable to tolerate the dosage properly it will be reduced by the doctor.
  • Men with serious liver disease should carefully take the medication.
  • If any adjustment of RuagraPlus dosage is needed, inform the doctor.

Side effects

A lot of men who use RuagraPlus for impotence, experience no side effect.

  • You may experience headache, dizziness and flushing.
  • Some change in vision like enhance light sensitivity or blurred vision also takes place.
  • If such side effects continue and make your condition worse, promptly inform the doctor.

Mild side effects do not appear after few days of taking the medication. Talk with the doctor if they become serious and keeping on affecting you. Although they are not common but these effects may occur if you order RuagraPlus medication and take it:

  • An eye condition causing damage to the optic nerve. It will include symptoms like reduction of vision in an eye suddenly. Sometime vision is lost in both the eyes.
  • Decrease of hearing with symptoms like dizziness, ear buzzing or ringing.
  • Few side effects like low blood pressure, heart problems like stroke, fast heart beat can affect anyone with past heart disorders.

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