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Generic Name: Vardenafil and Dapoxetine        Strength(s):        40 mg

Brand Name:   Snovitra Power                                Delivery Time:   25 days

Expire Date:    2023-07-10                                         Shipping:           Worldwide

Once your doctor asks you to buy Snovitra power, go to your local drug store and get hold of it. If you wish to save your valuable time then search for a reliable and genuine online store and order Snovitra power online. Use it under your doctor’s guidance and see quick results.

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During sex when a man is incapable of having an erection and hold it then he suffers from a condition known as erectile dysfunction. It makes a sexual life of a man monotonous.  Snovitra power medication is used for addressing erectile issues. However doctors are seen to prescribe it individually for premature ejaculation in men. It is not the main medication for premature ejaculation but it indirectly improves the clinical condition in men who suffers from shortened intravaginal latency time. When you will make use of Snovitra power to treat erectile dysfunction, you will stop the anxiety related with the fear of fairing badly during love making that makes some men to ejaculate prematurely. As Snovitra power medication will improve the erection control it will automatically aid in lasting longer during sexual intercourse. So buy Snovitra power and have satisfactory sex again.

Working mechanism

The medication will never affect a man’s libido. But it will restore the natural way to develop erection in response to the sexual stimulation. Also it will provide a boost in stamina, reduce recovery time, increase erectile hardness, augment virility and alleviate performance anxiety. The effect of the medication will last until 15 hours.  One component present in Snovitra power medication works and enhances the relaxation of the blood vessels ‘penile muscles. The arteries present in the phallus allow a lot of blood to enter the membrane. When the erectile tissues of the phallus receive blood supply, penile erection is attained as the pill will repress a chemical. Also it will prevent early discharge of semen during sexual intercourse. When you will buy Snovitra power and use it, it will let you exercise your control over your ejaculation period.


  • Buy Snovitra power online and use it by mouth under the doctor’s prescription.
  • You can take it with some food or avoid taking it with food.
  • If you take the medication with a meal containing high fat the onset of the medicine’s activity will be delayed.
  • After ordering Snovitra power online, the doctor will ask you to take a lower dosage of it.
  • The dosage of Snovitra power is based on the age and the medical condition of a man.
  • You can also buy Snovitra power tablets and take them orally.
  • Chew the tablet properly and never break it.
  • Take a glass of water and swallow a tablet.
  • Two pills should not be repeated within 24 hours.
  • Take any missed dosage once you remember it.
  • Do not take it if it is already your next dosage’s time.
  • Skip the dosage, take the normal one and never overdose yourself.
  • Do not take Snovitra power without going through all medication instructions of your pharmacist.
  • Get your query resolved from your doctor.
  • If you are using some medication that increases the effect of Snovitra power, then your doctor will lower the dosage of the medication.



  • Keep Snovitra power medication away from children.
  • Never use it after its mentioned expiry date.
  • Do not dispose the medication through household waste or wastewater.
  • If you no more require the medicine ask your pharmacist ways of disposing it.


  • Snovitra power is an indicated oral treatment for men having sexual problems like impotence.
  • The medication should be used after thorough medical advice.
  • It may also be contraindicated in few cases.
  • Never exceed one dosage each day.
  • Do not consume too much of it as it will give rise to huge side effects.
  • If you face any side effect get medical attention to prevent any more onset of serious side effects.
  • Your doctor will be reviewing your cardiovascular function and then prescribing the medication as a sexual activity comes with cardiac risk.
  • Men with penile deformity should be careful while using Snovitra power medication.
  • If you have heart problems, then your doctor must check if your heart is able to tolerate all physical activity that is generated by loving making.
  • Be alert and consult your doctor before ordering Snovitra power online if you have ulcer or bleeding disorder.
  • Men with liver or kidney problem should take it under a doctor’s suggestion as these two organs eliminate the medication.
  • Also men suffering from priapism that leads to a persistent or painful erection should be cautious while taking Snovitra power medication.
  • Before driving or doing any activity that requires alertness, you must be aware of your reaction to the medication.
  • Men who undergo treatment of enlarged prostate with alpha blocker may be experiencing vertigo when using Snovitra along with a fast blood pressure decline.
  • Do not use it with medications called nitrates as it will cause serious hypertension in men.
  • If you are suffering from angina then consult your doctor before ordering Snovitra power online.
  • Rarely men are seen to experience painful or long lasting erection for 4 hours or more. Consult your doctor if it happens.
  • If you become careless then permanent damage may happen to your organ.



Side effects

  • Snovitra power can cause dizziness and vision problems.
  • Some allergic reactions such as skin rash, hives, itching, swollen face, tongue or lips along with breathing problem, irregular heartbeat and blurred vision may also occur.
  • Difficulties o drive or use machines, dizzy feeling are also seen in many men who make use of Snovitra power.
  • Few side effects will never need any medical attention but if they become bothersome tell the doctor.
  • If you suffer from hyperacidity, heartburn, flushing, blurriness and so on immediately notify the doctor.
  • Some side effects may include sever complications.
  • To get an expert opinion, report all unusual condition to the doctor after you start to take Snovitra power.
  • If angina pain and fainting takes place whole using Snovitra power medication then you should stop using it and report the doctor.



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