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Generic Name:   Sildenafil and Tadalafil        Strength(s):         100mg

Brand Name:      Sildalis                                        Delivery Time:      25 days

Expire Date:        2023-07-10                               Shipping:             Worldwide

Place an order of Sildalis online after consulting your doctor and doing a proper check-up. To utilize the maximum efficacy of the medication use it as mentioned by a doctor. Have a thorough conversation with the doctor, make him understand the problem, get proper diagnosis and then buy Sildalis online.



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Male impotence is a sexual disorder that is seen mostly in middle aged men. However men regardless of their age may get affected by it too. Any man who suffers from it will find it difficult to get a desired erection and hold. He will also lose his interest in sex. To treat this medication, Sildalis is recommended by many doctors. After using this medication you will attain a proper erection and maintain it for the preferred time of making love. Sildalis will work perfectly if you use it as told by your doctor. As some side effects are attached with this medication, hence you should take as suggested by a doctor. Buy Sildalis online from some medical store as it will save time and money because of the discounts offered online. Buy Sildalis online in bulk and get hold of a discount. Your online purchase will be less than the local ones. But you must select a trustworthy online pharmacy that sells authentic medications. So have proper information regarding the online pharmacy before ordering Sildalis online.

Working mechanism

After you swallow and digest the medication, Sildalis will become efficient in treating male impotence. Take the medicine half an hour before you have sexual intercourse. It will dissolve in your blood and increase the flow. As a result the blockage created by PDE5 will be broken. The blood will be reaching the penis in sufficient amounts. The active ingredient of Sildalis medication will cause dilation of the penile arteries as they move within them. Hence increased flow of blood will be carried by the penile arteries into it. The muscles in the penile organ will become relaxed. This will make the penile organ enlarged as there will be additional blood supply by the penile arteries. A man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction will be able to attain desired erection and hold the attained erection for as long as he wants because of the penile enlargement. If you buy Sildalis online and use this medication, you will be able to hold the attained erection for at least 2 hours of making love.



  • You must buy Sildalis online and use the recommended dosage of the medication.
  • Take it orally at first.
  • Later depending on the reaction of the body to the drug, the dosage may be lowered by a doctor.
  • Swallow Sildalis medication with water as it will aid you in digesting it easily.
  • Men also like to order Sildalis online because it is the safest and reasonable medicine to treat male impotence.
  • If you miss a dosage of Sildalis medication, try to take it as soon as you remember about it.
  • However if the next dosage is scheduled soon, then try to skip the missed dosage and take your regular dosage.
  • If overdose yourself with Sildalis medication it will be causing harm to your health.
  • So never start or stop or even increase or decrease the dosage of the medication without any mention from your doctor.
  • Some men who do it are seen to form an addiction to the medicine and face difficulty to stop using it.
  • If withdrawal effects take place it will create severe effect on your health.
  • It will become risky hence always buy Sildalis online and use it to treat male impotence as prescribed by a doctor.


  • Store Sildalis medication away from not only kids but also women because it is not recommended for them.
  • If you are having pets do not let them come in contact with Sildalis
  • Store it at room temperature.
  • Do not let light and moisture touch Sildalis
  • You should never keep it in the bathroom or flush it down the toilet.
  • If you are having not been instructed do not out Sildalis medication into the drain.
  • If you do not need the medication any more or if the Sildalis medication you are using has expired properly discard it.
  • Get in touch with your pharmacist for additional details before you buy Sildalis


  • Try not to take Sildalis medication if you are having any allergies.
  • Some inactive ingredients present in the medication can cause allergic reactions. Be careful about it.
  • Buy Sildalis online after collecting all information from your doctor regarding it.
  • Your doctor must make a list of all your previous and current medications that you are using or have used.
  • Your medical history such as any heart or liver problems and kidney disease should be taken proper care of.
  • Have a conversation with your doctor if you are having such medical conditions, then buy Sildalis online and use it.
  • Dizziness and vision change may take place while using Sildalis online.
  • You may be feeling dizzier if you consume alcohol or take cannabis along with Sildalis
  • Limit your alcoholic beverages when using Sildalis medication for treating male impotence.
  • If you consume cannabis, let your doctor be aware of it while taking Sildalis
  • Do not drive or use machines or even do anything that needs you to be alert or have clear vision until you are able to do it safely.

Side effects

  • If you start to take Sildalis medication, then when your body will slowly adjust to the medication you will suffer from some side effects. .
  • The side effects will differ from one person to another.
  • If after taking Sildalis medication you face sudden or undesirable severe side effects right away inform your doctor.
  • Some of common side effects of Sildalis medication are repeated stomach issues, bad vision, headache along with hearing problem, nausea and blockage in the nose.



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