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Generic Name: Sildenafil Citrate              Strength(s):        100mg

Brand Name:   Viagra                                   Delivery Time:    25 days

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Nowadays, impotence and erectile dysfunction have become common as a cold or cough. The reason is because of the stress level in our lives which, hinders the hormone activity in our body. You can buy Aurogra pills online easily with just few clicks so purchase online Aurogra pills and enjoy your sexual life.

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Nowadays, impotence and erectile dysfunction have become common as a cold or cough. The reason is because of the stress level in our lives which, hinders the hormone activity in our body. It also affects brain functioning and blood flow to various parts of our body. When such things happen it ends up affecting our mood, our relationship with our partner, our partner’s mood, etc.

There is a solution to every problem.  If you think that impotence is a very serious issue or not curable then you are mistaken. There is a wonderful drug by the name of Aurogra which is invented for men who suffer from impotence. This condition can be experienced by men of any age group. Men can handle any problem in the world boldly. But the problem of impotency will break the men’s potential completely. This condition is the inability to achieve an erection and to maintain it. This frustrates the partner as well as the man himself. This can be combined with other conditions like lack of ejaculation and no interest in intercourse.

Those who are facing this condition and unable to satisfy their partner and suffer from low esteem. You can rejoice because Aurogra can bring your dreams to life. This medication will bring the magic back into your life. Any sexual disability or impotence can be cured with this magical drug. This medication has no or very minimum mild side effects. The benefits of taking this medicine are much more than any of the side effects. This medication is being used by thousands of men around the world. This amazing medicine is a sexual stimulator as well as it improves your sexual capabilities. You can buy Aurogra pills online easily with just few clicks so purchase online Aurogra pills and enjoy your sexual life.


Working mechanism

Erection in the penile region occurs when the hemodynamic process is initiated when the muscles relax. In the process of sexual stimulation, endothelial cells and nerve endings release nitric oxide. This nitric oxide activates an enzyme called (cGMP) in the soft muscles of the corpus cavernosum. This (cGMP) helps in smooth muscle relaxation thereby increasing the blood supply to the male organ. So after taking Aurogra pills the cGMP level is maintained which in turn relaxes the blood vessels and when blood vessels relax they increase in size. Increased blood vessels carry more blood to the male organ giving rise to a firm erection. Aurogra works on the main cause of ED blood supply so whenever you take the pills they work on demand instantly. However for the entire process of stimulation to take place one must be sexually aroused so involve in foreplay which will turn you on and give a bigger and stronger erection for long.


  • Aurogra is available in 2 different dosages 50 mg and 100mg
  • The amount of dosage should be only determined by the doctor self-medication can be hazardous
  • Only 1 pill should be taken in 24 hours
  • Never take any double dose of ED pills it can harm your health
  • You can take these pills orally with a glass of water before or after having food
  • The pill starts its action in 30-40 minutes after taking.


  • Store the pills at room temperature always
  • Never keep the pills in the fridge or freezer
  • Dampness and moisture can affect the way these pills work so ensure you store the pills in a place away from moisture and dampness
  • Do not store the pills under direct light or sunlight
  • It is always recommended to store these pills in an airtight container in a locked cupboard
  • Always check the expiry of medicines before taking them
  • Discard carefully the outer cover as it contains active ingredients that are not safe for kids and pets


  • If you are above 60 years consult your doctor and only take under the doctor supervision
  • It is important to discuss all medication that you are taking with a doctor as this drug might interact with other drugs and can cause a reaction
  • Nitrates and alcohol don’t go along with ED pills so discuss with your doctor if you are on nitrates or you are alcoholic
  • Aurogra pills cause slight dizziness after taking so do not drive or operate machinery for a few hours after taking these pills
  • If you have any heart issues or diabetes or have blood pressure issues have a word with the doctor and take the pills only if the doctor recommends.
  • Aurogra contains an active ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate so if you are allergic to this avoid taking these pills
  • Aurogra pills are not for women and males below 18 years so never take this if you are below 18 years or a female it’s strictly for male use.
  • If you are taking these pills do not eat heavy oily foods as it blocks the drug absorption and the pills might not work as desired


Side effects

  • Stuffed nose
  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Redness of skin
  • Ringing in ears
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Chest pain
  • Muscular pain
  • Loss of vision

These side-effects might last for some time however if you notice any alarming or serious side effects rush to the doctor immediately.


Fighting all the above-mentioned concerns in life is much easier with Aurogra. You will be assured of a healthy and happy sexual life without the effects of stress taking a toll on your personal life. This medication is cost-effective and can improve sexual power greatly in men. If you are looking at bringing back the spice to your married life, then buy Aurogra online This medicine is available in the form of a tablet or jelly. Both are equally effective. You can easily place an online order for Aurogra pills online you can buy at cheaper rates and the privacy is also maintained. So buy Aurogra pills online the hassle freeway.

Say goodbye to impotency

When you use the Aurogra or Verdenafil in the right way there is no going wrong at all. Use this medicine as prescribed by the doctor and you will see wonders happening. You will have a remarkable and memorable experience.





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