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Generic Name: Udenafil               Strength(s):            100 mg

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 Buy Zudena online, and start to take the medicine as recommended by the doctor for properly treating your impotence.



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If any man is unable to attain proper erection of his male organ during sexual intercourse, then he will suffers from male disorder. If you suffer from it, then you will not be able to get or hold a penile erection together for a long time. To treat such a condition various ED medicines are available nowadays. One such medication is Zudena. You can buy Zudena online and use it to treat male impotence. But before you order Zudena online from a reliable medical store visit a doctor, do a check-up and then take it under his suggestion.

Working mechanism

Zudena is a progressive medication that is used for erectile dysfunction. The medication contains two substances namely Dapoxetine and Udenafil. The working mechanism of this medication will depend on both Dapoxetine and Udenafil. Udenafil is an agent that induces penile erection. When it becomes activated in the bloodstream, the substance will be increasing all blood flow into the tissues penile organ and allow a man to inhibit the hormonal actions. Then it will begin to show some dilation of blood vessels on the tissues of the arteries of the penis. This happens to increase the blood flow. You will get harder penile erections due to the increase of sensitivity of your male organ along with some stimulation. On the other hand, Dapoxetine is an inhibitor of SSRI reuptake. So if it is active, it will not let the cells in the brain to take in every selective hormone completely. It will assist you in having some mental effect and make you believe that you will have enhanced control on your penile erections. Thus Dapoxetine along with Udenafil will work to make Zudena medication effective in making a man physically and mentally active to get and hold penile erections during sex.



  • Never take Zudenamedication without visiting a doctor and getting a prescription for it.
  • If your doctor has recommended it to treat your impotence, do not share it with someone else having the same problem.
  • Before you buy Zudena online, you must have proper idea about its dosage along with precautions that you must follow when you take it.
  • Take Zudena as mentioned by your doctor.
  • He will increase and decrease its dosage depending on how your body reacts to Zudena
  • In most cases, the medication is prescribed 30 minutes before love making.
  • You can swallow it with water.
  • Never try to alter the dosage or stop taking it yourself suddenly. This will make you addicted to the medication and you may also experience withdrawal effects. It will cause severe health problems.
  • If you consult a doctor, he will decrease Zudena medication’s dosage slowly and stop it. Thus withdrawal effects will not take place.
  • Once you buy Zudena online, take it as suggested by your doctor.


  • Store Zudena medication as recommend by the doctor.
  • Select a dark place that is dry and cool. Keep the medication there.
  • Never let your pet or infants touch it.
  • Do not think of flushing the medication down your toilet or discarding it into the drainage.
  • If you discard Zudena and do not follow any safety measure, it will make the environment toxic.
  • You can get all information regarding how to discard the medication safely from the doctor or any local or online pharmacist.




  • Do not buy Zudena online if you did not inform your doctor about your current and past medical issues or medications you are taking now.
  • Individuals who have kidney and hurt or lung diseases should not order Zudena online to treat male impotence.
  • Do not consume alcohol while taking this medication.
  • Take Zudena medication as prescribed by the doctor and do not reduce or increase its dosage yourself because you will be becoming dependent on Zudena and will find it difficult to quit its dosage.
  • Withdrawal effects of Zudena medication that occur with suddenly stopping the medication will cause adverse health effects.
  • Your doctor will slowly decrease its dosage and then stop it.
  • Always get a prescription for Zudena online order as it will be keeping you safe.
  • If you miss a dosage it, it will mean that the efficacy of the pill will decrease.
  • So to experience the complete potential, you must make use of Zudena medication constantly and take one pill every day.
  • Do not miss a dose because it will be disrupting the course of it and cause problems.
  • You will also take more time to cure your sexual problem.
  • If you overdose yourself with Zudena medication, some side effects will be triggered. It will create concerning problems for your health.
  • Stay alert while taking the dosage of the medicine as guided by the doctor.
  • Never drink grape juice while taking Zudena medication for male impotence.
  • If you use some antibiotic, contraceptive pill or antiviral with Zudena medication then they will induce the side effects.
  • If you suffer from any allergy with Dapoxetine or Udenafil, you should never use it.
  • Avoid using any type of substance that your doctor has asked you not to if you wish to avoid side effects.
  • Ensure to make use of the medicine in the prescribed dosages as it is vital to cure the condition you suffer from.



Side effects

  • Some men do not face any side effects.
  • But if you are facing few then it will slowly disappear with everyday medication usage.
  • Side effects can take place due to the overdose or intolerance of Zudena.
  • Headache, itching and chest pain are the common side effects that may affect you.
  • But if the side effects do not go away and your condition becomes worse, contact the doctor immediately.
  • Dizziness, stomach and blurred vision are some of the allergic reactions of Zudena medication.



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