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Generic Name:  Ampicillin        Strength(s):       250 / 500 mg

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Generic Ampicillin is a medicine that can help you cure your infection within no time. Having this medicine, you can find that you are slowly recovering from your infection within a couple of days. But it is mandatory that before you buy Generic Ampicillin you must consult your doctor.

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There are various types of infections that bacteria may produce in our bodies. These infections cause different types of health issues such as infections in gums, ears, mouth, scarlet fever, throat infection, respiratory tract infection, etc.  If you find any such infection wherein maybe you cannot breathe properly or any rashes or gum bleeding or any such infection that may lead to serious health injuries, you must always consult a doctor regarding these.  All these infection-causing bacteria should be treated at an early stage or else, they may lead to various health issues in near future.

Generic Ampicillin is a medicine that can help you cure your infection within no time. Having this medicine, you can find that you are slowly recovering from your infection within a couple of days. But it is mandatory that before you buy Generic Ampicillin you must consult your doctor. You should have a complete body check-up before purchasing online Generic Ampicillin. This will not only help you detect your infection but the doctor may also suggest to you the things to do and the things to avoid during your recovery period. You can even buy online Generic Ampicillin with the doctor’s prescription right after he tells you the working mechanism, side effects, dosage and clear all your doubts regarding the medicine. Generic Ampicillin is a medicine that can be used by everybody but according to the dosing condition.

Working mechanism

Generic Ampicillin is a type of drug mainly accessible in a general form. It may also be available in an intravenous form that is provided by the healthcare centers. But you can buy online Generic Ampicillin only after being prescribed by the doctor. Generic Ampicillin is used to prevent you to fight the bacterial infection which is growing within your body. Generic Ampicillin is used as a portion of combination therapy which means that you need to have this drug with other medications suggested by your doctor. Generic Ampicillin belongs under the category of a drug named penicillin. It is a group of drugs that works parallel conditions for which this drug is mainly used. The main function is to curb out the infected area out of reach of any bacteria present in it. This helps not only to heal the infected area but also to kill all those infection-causing bacteria within your system. There are some side effects one must take care of. Before purchasing online Generic Ampicillin consult with your doctor regarding the dosage and the side effects of this drug that you may go through.



Dosage is one of the most important steps before purchasing online Generic Ampicillin. You have to be very cautious while handling such drugs. You cannot skip even a single dose or not even overdose yourself which can be more dangerous and you may develop some other side effects. Meet your doctor concerned and he will surely guide you at which time you should take the dose and how much time gap is required. You need to keep in mind whether you are buying this for an infant, adult, or old person. Buy Generic Ampicillin from good healthcare clinics and do not forget to check the expiry date beforehand. Given below are some of the tips you must follow before dosing yourself or any family member.

  • In adults ranging between 18 and 64 years of age if you have genitourinary tract viruses except for gonorrhea the dosage pattern is 500mg four times every day and for the patients having gonorrhea, for them, the dosage pattern is 3.5g once along with one gram probenecid.
  • For children weighing more than twenty kilograms, their dosage is 500mg four times per day.
  • For children below their dosage is 100mg/kg daily in four similarly divided timed gaps.
  • For seniors above age 64 should consult a doctor as there may be other medications on which you are already working at. So the doctor may suggest a lighter dose for an effective result.

Thus, these are the most important points one must take care of before dosing yourself with Generic Ampicillin. Now you can consult a doctor and buy Generic Ampicillin. In most of the healthcare clinics, there are chances that it may not be available so it is advised that you can even buy online Generic Ampicillin.



Any medicine or tablet or drug should be stored properly for them to work effectively. If you do not store them in a proper place according to the given conditions in the packet then the medicines may seem to lose their effect. When you buy online Generic Ampicillin then you will find that it is always mentioned in the cover the conditions for storing the tablets safely. Given below are few conditions according to which you can store your tablet.

  • At all times, preserve it according to the mentioned ailment given in the packed container.
  • Store it at a room temperature of 20 degrees – 25 degrees.
  • Never keep it in contact with infants or pets.
  • Buy Generic Ampicillin from a good pharmaceutical store wherein all the details will be available in the pack.

Storage is very necessary and thus keeps the above tips in mind before purchasing online Generic Ampicillin.



Precautions play a very necessary role in the case of medical aids. They must be taken regarding the dosage of the medicines.

  • Do not overdose yourself with Generic Ampicillin.
  • If you have missed a dose, do not have two doses at one go to match out with the missed dose.
  • Missing a dose can be managed. Still, you need to get a check-up as soon as possible to avoid any further problems.

Side effects

Side effects are mutual. To get rid of discomfort, taking drugs often lead to some minor effects on the body. Side effects mainly occur due to the properties of the chemical changes that take place inside our bodies. Some of the common side effects are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Rashes

These side effects are very mild and the patient will soon get rid of them within a couple of days. If you find it difficult then you must talk about it with your doctor.

Now you know all the basic functions, dosage, precautions, and side effects of the medicine. Therefore, you can easily buy online Generic Ampicillin along with the consent of your doctor.


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