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Generic Name: Sildenafil Citrate       Strength(s):       100 mg

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Nowadays men order Zenegra online as this medication is highly beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction. Contact your doctor and cure it fast.


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Male impotence is known to be the inability of men to get an erection as well as keep their penis erected for sex. Men suffering from this impotence visit doctors or buy medicines that treat such sexual disorder. But there are few medicines that must be taken under a doctor’s suggestion. To treat male impotence, Zenegra medication is used by a lot of men. After proper check-up and finding out the real reason behind the impotence, doctors, recommend this medication. If you buy Zenegra online to make use of it for male impotence, follow the doctor’s instructions thoroughly. If you do not do so, then you will not be able to utilize the effectiveness of the medication for curing your sexual problem. So have a proper communication with your doctor to treat male impotence.

Working mechanism

Zenegra medication works well to cure male impotence. Sildenafil present in it works by assisting with relaxing the veins which permits huge blood flow into the penile organ when you get physically aroused. Sildenafil present in Zenegra medication acts by restraining PDE-5 and enhancing nitric oxide’s activity in the penis. The component of erection of the penis includes arrival of nitric oxide during sexual excitement. Nitric oxide then, at that point, enacts the catalyst guanylate cyclase, which brings about expanded degrees of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, bringing about relaxation of smooth muscle and inflow of blood to the penis.



  • Zenegra medication is typically taken just one time every day.
  • For male impotence take Zenegra medication not long before sexual action yet not more than one time every day.
  • It tends to be utilized around a day and a half before sexual movement.
  • Never smash, bite or break the Zenegra
  • Swallow an entire tablet with a glass of water.
  • You are encouraged to take Zenegra medication as long as your doctor has endorsed it for you relying upon your ailment.
  • Sometimes, you might encounter specific normal side effects like migraine, nausea, obscured vision, dizziness, heartburn and runny nose.
  • The majority of these secondary effects don’t need clinical consideration and will settle progressively over the long run.
  • Notwithstanding, you are encouraged to converse with your doctor if you experience these incidental effects continuously.



  • Any place that has heat, light or moisture should be avoided while storing Zenegra medication.
  • Maintain a room temperature in the storage place of Zenegra medication.
  • Let your doctor tell you ways of storing the medication.
  • Keep your kids, pet and women away from Zenegra medication.


  • Continuously take Zenegra medication precisely as coordinated by your doctor.
  • It isn’t appropriate for ladies or kids and youths under 18 years old.
  • Prior to buying Zenegra online let your doctor know if you have too much heart and liver issues, if you have lately suffered a cardiovascular failure or then again if you have low pulse.
  • Tell your doctor whether you experience any side effects of these or some other medical conditions prior to taking Zenegra
  • To treat your conditions effectively keep taking Zenegra medication as mentioned by the doctor.
  • Make an effort not to quit taking it all alone.
  • Try not to be hesitant to talk with your doctor if you experience any trouble while taking Zenegra
  • Stay away from using liquor as it might disable your capacity to get an erection.
  • If you take Zenegra medication with any nitrate medication your circulatory strain could abruptly drop to a hazardous level.
  • So stay away from Zenegra medication intake with any nitrate.
  • Data related to the utilization of Zenegra medication during pregnancy isn’t accessible. Kindly contact your doctor regarding this.
  • Also data with respect to the utilization of Zenegra medication during breastfeeding is unknown too. If it’s not too much trouble, get all details from the doctor.
  • Make your doctor aware if you have any hidden kidney problem.
  • A reduced dosage might be thought of in case it isn’t very much endured.
  • Zenegra medication ought to be utilized with alert in men with serious liver infection.
  • Dosage change of Zenegra medication might be required.
  • There is restricted data accessible on the utilization of Zenegra medication in men with extreme liver illness.
  • If you miss a Zenegra medication dosage, accept it quickly.
  • Be that as it may, in case it is nearly an ideal opportunity for your next dosage, avoid the missed one and return to your customary dosage schedule.
  • Never increase the dosage or make it double.
  • Utilization of Zenegra medication is not recommended in women.
  • Zenegra medication might diminish alertness, influence your vision or cause you to feel drowsy and dizzy.
  • Never drive if these side effects happen.
  • Zenegra 100 Tablet is can be used safely in men with kidney infection.
  • No adjustment of Zenegra medication is suggested.
  • Inform your doctor if have taken or taking some medicines such as those obtained with or without prescription or the ones mentioned below:
  1. Amyl nitrate
  2. Alpha-blockers such as terazosin hydrochloride
  3. Nitroglycerin
  4. Riociguat used for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension
  5. Protease inhibitors that are used for treating HIV
  6. Some other medications for male impotence



Side effects

  • The drug which is normally endorsed by doctors to treat erectile dysfunction might cause few side effects.
  • Few of the side effects disappear effectively with consistently use of Zenegra medication.
  • However once in a while it might cause some serious effects.
  • The common side effects of Zenegra medicine are stomach upset, pain, acid reflux and heartburn.
  • Zenegra medication will likewise cause not many side effects such as neck pain, runny nose, and red eyes alongside pain in the body.
  • If such side effects happen over and again and don’t stop with normal Zenegra medication utilization, then, at that point, you should stop to order Zenegra online, and talk with your doctor.



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