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Generic Name:  Tadalafil 20 and Dapoxetine 60    Strength(s):       20 mg

Brand Name:    Tadapox                                                 Delivery Time:    25 days

Expire Date:     2023-07-10                                            Shipping:          Worldwide

Never feel shy because of male impotence. You can treat premature ejaculation using the correct medication. Use Tadapox medication as mentioned by your doctor. See the difference within few days.


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Are you having problem with your partner? Is your sexual life becoming boring or worse off late? Is your partner not satisfied even after having everything? Then your partner does not only need materialistic pleasures. They do make her life comfortable but her sexual desires are being ignored by you. You may be unable to keep her sexually satisfied due to lack of proper erection. Or the ability to hold the erection during sex, then you get affected by erectile dysfunction. Do not worry as most men get affected by such a sexual disorder. Get medical help. Use the most effective medication to get rid of your impotence fast. Keep your partner happy and satisfied. You can also check out Tadapox medication available in the market. It is the ultimate solution of bringing back the special moments. It will aid you in making your sexual life active and help you to cure erectile disorder easily. Tadapox gets utilized for transient treatment of male impotence. It accompanies genuine dangers if you do not use it as recommended. It is an oral tablet and is viable after half an hour of taking it. It has an impact just when sexual excitement is present. It is a particular and reversible inhibitor. It is Phosphodiesterase type 5 with explicitness to cGMP. Its PDE5 restraining activity delivers a huge amount of cGMP into the male organ. cGMP then loosens up the smooth muscles. It happens in the supply routes. Further develops blood stream in the male organ. It causes a proper penile erection in a man affected by male impotence.

Working mechanism

Any men regardless of their age, experiencing this issue should order Tadapox online. Take one pill before sexual activity. There is an active ingredient in Tadapox medication. It makes the vein present inside the penis enlarged by getting inside. Because of this expansion, the muscles that are available inside the veins unwind. Thus the penile arteries convey an overabundance blood flow. This extra blood supply by these penile arteries will cause penile growth. This happens because of muscle unwinding. This enlarged penis will assist a man with impotence. He will achieve appropriate erection. Hence keep up with it to for a long duration. A man can hold it for 2 hours during having intercourse. Thus men suffering from impotence should buy Tadapox online. Use it for treating the disorder effectively.



  • You must buy Tadapox online and use it as long as prescribed.
  • Take Tadapox medication 30-40 minutes before sex.
  • Always take Tadapox medication orally.
  • Do not have the medicine with alcohol or grapefruit juice.
  • Tadapox is a prescription medication. You must contact your doctor for the correct dosages.
  • Never take more than a pill of Tadapox medication each day.
  • In case of any overdose get immediate medical attention.
  • If it time for your next Tadapox medication dosage then avoid the missed dosage of even if you remember
  • Try not to take double Tadapox medication dosages.



There are few things that you should keep in mind while storing Tadapox medication. So you want Tadapox medicine to be effective till its expiry date. Thus you should get an idea of the following things after you buy Tadapox online:

  • Tadapox medication should be kept away from moisture.
  • Sunlight should not be there near Tadapox medication.
  • Kids should not come near or touch Tadapox medication.




  • If you take excessively, you could have hazardous levels of the medication in your body.
  • Overdosage symptoms like dizziness, vision issues, fainting and hearing issues will take place. Pain in the chest may also happen.
  • In case of Tadapox medication over dosage, contact the doctor.
  • Inform a doctor about other medical conditions you are experiencing. Also tell him about the drugs you are taking.
  • Try not to take Tadapox medication with prescriptions containing nitrates.
  • Try not to take Tadapox in case you are taking other PDE5 inhibitors.
  • Patients, treat their chest pain with a drug that contains nitrate. They should never use Tadapox.
  • A feel that there is a sudden decrease in your blood pressure. Or you are feeling dizzy, is an immediate sign of visiting your doctor for medical help.
  • After it, the penile erection may become painful. You should immediately call your doctor.
  • You should stop take Tadapox medicine you have nausea during making love.
  • You should never take it for treating erectile dysfunction if you have stomach ulcer.
  • Men, who are less than 18 years, should never buy Tadapox online and even use it for any reason.
  • Coronary illness, blood problems, angina, history of MI or stroke in the last few months. Vascular hypotension, glaucoma, kidney and liver infections. Penile deformation or a background marked by priapism or sensitivity to the medication
  • If you have taken the medication, then do not drive or perform any other physical activity as you may feel dizzy.
  • Taking Tadapox medication may be causing hypertension.
  • If rashes occur on the face and lips contact your doctor.
  • Never take it with any other medication. You should never even take the minimum dosage of the medicine.
  • Vomiting happens if Tadapox medication is being used for the very first time.
  • People who consume alcohol should take this medication. Premature ejaculation will be cured or male impotence will get treated.
  • People who have any disease related to your liver then take it after consulting your doctor.



Side effects

Tadapox dosage which is usually prescribed by doctors may cause some side effects. Some of the side effects go away easily with regular usage. But sometimes the dosage may cause some serious side effects. You should immediately take medical help for that.

  • Muscle pain
  • Vision disturbances
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Heartburn



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