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Generic Name: Clomiphene citrate          Strength(s):        50 mg

Brand Name:    Clomid                                  Delivery Time:   25 days

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Buy Generic Clomid and use it to become a mother, if you have infertility issues. But always remember to consult a doctor, have a conversation with him and understand if it will work best for you.


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Get an overview of Generic Clomid medication

To trigger ovulation, a prescription medicine popular as Clomid is used. If you are facing challenges to become pregnant or suffering from irregular ovulation, visit your doctor. He will suggest you to buy Generic Clomid for treating infertility in women. It is an oral medication that will be aiding to induce ovulation and increase the chances of pregnancy for women. Do not buy Generic Clomid online without a prescription and take this medication under your doctor’s recommendation.

The working mechanism of Generic Clomid medication

Generic Clomid comes with not only estrogenic but also anti-estrogenic properties. Its precise working mechanism is not yet determined. The medication stimulates the release of the hormones such as Gonadotropins, FSH, and LH that will lead to the ovarian follicle’s development as well as maturation along with ovulation and successive development as well as the function of the corpus luteum. All these results in pregnancy. The release of Gonadotropin may be resulting from the hypothalamic-pituitary axis stimulation directly or from reduced inhibitory estrogens influence on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis by competing with the endogenous uterus, hypothalamus, or pituitary estrogens. The medication has no androgenic, progestational, or antiandrogenic effects. Generic Clomid online also will not be interfering with the function of pituitary-adrenal and pituitary-thyroid.


  • The dosage will be based on an individual’s condition along with the response to the medication.
  • Generic Clomid should be taken orally as prescribed by your doctor to make it most effective.
  • Swallow it as a whole along with a glass of water.
  • Never crush or break or chew the tablet because it will become less effective.
  • Usually, two tablets are prescribed daily.
  • Always remember to follow the schedule of your dosage carefully.
  • Never take it more frequently or for a much longer duration than suggested by your doctor.
  • It is not recommended to buy Generic Clomid online and take this medication for the long term and it should never be over 6 cycles.
  • In case you forget to take a dosage never take a double dosage for the missed one. Ask your doctor for more instructions or never do anything without your doctor’s suggestion.
  • For best results, your doctor will perform some ovulation tests, check your body temperature and you need to time your sexual intercourse properly for great results.
  • If you think that the medicine is not having any effect on your condition, then never increase its frequency or do not stop to use it.
  • If you increase the dosage and start taking it more frequently, you may get addicted to Generic Clomid.
  • When you will want to quit using it suddenly you will be suffering from severe withdrawal effects.
  • Such effects will be having serious health impacts.
  • Always take medical assistance while taking the medication.
  • Your doctor will be reducing the medication’s dosage slowly and thus you will never suffer from any withdrawal symptoms of Generic Clomid. 
  • Have a discussion with your doctor for more queries.


  • After you buy Generic Clomid online always store the medication at room temperature.
  • Keep it away from moisture and light.
  • Never store it in your bathroom.
  • Do not let your pets or kids come near it.
  • Never flush it down the toilet.
  • Do not pour the medication into a drain until you have been instructed.
  • Discard it properly when it has expired or is not needed any longer.
  • Consult your local pharmacist for more details.


  • Before you take the medication, inform your doctor if you have any allergies to its ingredients or any other allergies.
  • Generic Clomid maybe containing inactive ingredients that can cause some allergic reactions or other issues.
  • Talk to your doctor for more information regarding Generic Clomid online.
  • Inform your doctor about your past and present medical history before you buy Generic Clomid.
  • If you had ovarian cysts or sudden vaginal bleeding, enlarged ovaries, uterus issues such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids or liver, and thyroid problems, brain tumor, high fat levels, or triglycerides in your blood, let your doctor know about it.
  • The use of Generic Clomid can result in the birth of twins, triplets, and so on. So talk with your doctor in details.
  • When you buy Generic Clomid online and use it, it can make you feel dizzy and cause some change in your vision.
  • If you take alcohol or cannabis while on this medication, you may feel dizzier.
  • Never drive, use any machine or do something that requires you to stay alert or has clear vision until and unless you can do so safely.
  • Always limit alcoholic beverages when taking Generic Clomid online.
  • Tell your doctor whether you take cannabis.
  • Never make use of it if you are about to become or if are pregnant.
  • If you feel that you may become pregnant let your doctor know about it immediately.
  • It is not clear if the medication passes into breast milk. Generic Clomid may be reduced milk production. So talk with your doctor before you consider breastfeeding.

Side effects

  • Many people who buy Generic Clomid and use it do not have any serious side effects.
  • Bloating, stomach upset, abdominal or pelvic fullness, hot flashes, headache, dizziness, breast tenderness may be occurring.
  • Such side effects fade away after some days or weeks once you stop the treatment.
  • Some rare side effects of the medication are blurred vision, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, vision-related problems, and yellowing of eyes and skin.
  • Few side effects of the medication never required any medical attention.
  • They go away at the time of the treatment when the body gets adjusted to the medication.
  • Always consult your doctor to get medical advice regarding the side effects of Generic Clomid online.
  • Ask your doctor to understand and become aware of ways of preventing or decreasing some of these side effects.



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