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Generic Name: Chloroquine         Strength(s):           250-500 mg

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Generic Aralen belongs to the family of medicines called Aminoquinoline. In many of the cases these medicines are being used for treating or preventing Malaria. This medicine is considerably very beneficial for people who face constant attacks of Malaria.

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Generic Aralen belongs to the family of medicines called Aminoquinoline. In many of the cases these medicines are being used for treating or preventing Malaria. This medicine is considerably very beneficial for people who face constant attacks of Malaria. Many a times, these medicines are also prescribed to the children, in that case the medicines are given according to child age and weight. Doctors may prescribe this medicine as solo or according to health condition; Generic Aralen can be combined with other medicines too. It is necessary to consume medicine orally according to durations and time prescribed by medical practitioner. When you buy Generic Aralen online do keep the drug in the whole pack to ensure its longevity.

Working mechanism

When you order Generic Aralen online then this medicine has the presence of component called Chroloquine Phosphate. It is believed that the parasites do enter the body systems by the bite of female mosquito and may affect the body tissues contained in red blood cells or liver. The together consumption of primaquine and Aralen is total sum to end up relapse and reducing risks of Malaria. In certain cases, doctors also prescribe Generic Aralen to the patient to treat conditions of extra intestinal Amebiasis. To get the best result it is important to order Generic Aralen online as the medicine comes in pocket friendly prices. Generic Aralen is seen to be very active for patients suffering from the problems of Falciparum, a type of Malaria.


This medicine should be strictly administered by mouth.

In order to avoid stomach cramping or other stomach issues, these medicines should only be taken after meal.

The next dosage and duration of these medicines will depend upon your medical condition, to get the right guidance don’t forget to check with the doctors.

Many a times, these medicines are also suggested to children and depending on the weight doctors will decide on the exact dosage.

Whether it is adults or children, it is advised to take consultation of doctor first then start consumption of the medicine.

Usually the doctors suggest having this drug once a week. Try to consume medicine on same day of each week. Keep on this exercise for 4 to 8 weeks or according to advice of doctors.

If a patient is prescribed with any kind of antacids then he should take the Generic Aralen, 4 hours prior or after consuming these products.

While intending or already consumed Generic Aralen, the patient should not consume Alcohol as this may lessen the impact of medicine.

To get the right dosage guidance, the patient should always inform the correct medical history especially in the cases of psoriasis, pregnancy, heart related issues or liver problems.

This is long term medicine, to get the benefits use this medicine regularly.


The prime advantage to order Generic Aralen online is there is always availability of stock so it becomes much easier thing to shop everything under one roof.

When you buy Generic Aralen online it is important to preserve the drug in dark container and keep it away from dark sunlight.

When you buy Generic Aralen online don’t forget to store the medicine below 25 degree and away from moisture forming places.

To avert any sort of incidents, keep Generic Aralen far from pets, children, Expectant mothers, pregnant females or breastfeeding mothers.


Stopping the treatments too soon may higher the chances of infection or relapses. Your doctor will first examine your medical conditions then will advise you to do needful actions.

This medicine is available in two different compositions, in order to know your right dosage first take consultation of doctors as over dosage of this drug could be harmful.

People using Generic Aralen for more than 5 years or above the age of 65 years; should do proper eye examination on regular intervals.

In case if you are prone to allergies that are caused due to chloroquine don’t forget to inform the same to your doctors.

Generic Aralen may affect your blood sugar levels therefore at very often stage keep checking up your blood sugar levels.

Incase if you are facing skin related disorders like psoriasis, vision or hearing problems or kidney related disorders don’t forget to discuss the same with your doctors.

When you buy Generic Aralen online complete leverage is given to use different modes of payments and the medicines are delivered to you right at the door steps. Generic Aralen may make the patient more sensitive towards the sun; therefore limit going in the sun exposed areas.

Side effects

These medicines are surely a boon to cure the different types of Malaria if taken in right proportion and duration however the over consumption of the medicine could be fatal or hazardous.

The most common thing of this drug is seen that patient might face the problems like stomach upset. To lessen the side effects have the medicine after consumption of meal.

In very rare cases, the patient may experience nausea or vomiting. There are chances of getting abdominal cramps. If all these symptoms persist for longer period of time then without panic consult your doctor immediately.

Very unusual side effects in some of patients are weight gain and mood swings.

Best part about buying Generic Aralen online is you don’t have to pinch your pockets hard, the medicines are availed to you at pocket friendly prices.



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