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Generic Name:  Alendronic Acid          Strength(s):            100 mg

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Generic Fosamax is an oral treatment intended to deal with bone development issues. Fosamax Generic contains the active ingredient Alendronate which belongs, to a category of medicines called bisphosphonate. This medicine works by altering the bone formation as well as breakdown cycle in the body. The active ingredient lowers the bone-loss pace, while at the same time increases bone mass, which significantly reduces risk of bone fractures.

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Fosamax medication is for treating osteoporosis in adults. It is a prevailing condition in aging men and women. However, women who are pregnant and are going through menopause are more likely to have osteoporosis. Men, too, can develop this disease as a result of the usage of certain medications and steroids. In osteoporosis, a person loses his bone density, causing bones to become thin, brittle, and easily deformable. This condition can cause immense pain, make bones prone to fractures, and make a person deformed over time. You can buy Fosamax if you are having a loss of bone density. Fosamax is a prescription medication that works slowly in building up lost bone cells over the course of time. It keeps the bones strong while maintaining bone mass. Fosamax can be prescribed singularly or along with other medications. It is actually a non-hormonal medicine which is known as bisphosphonates. You can buy Fosamax online. However, this medication is also available on the counter of medicine shops.

Working mechanism

Fosamax is a bisphosphonate. This medicine gets absorbed by the body quickly and acts as an osteoclast-mediated bone resorption inhibitor. It binds to the hydroxyapatite in the bones for reversing bone density loss. Fosamax is highly soluble in water. The medicine reacts little with alcohol and is inert with chloroform. Per bottle contains alendronate monosodium salt trihydrate in the quantity of 9.35mg. It is highly effective in preventing and reversing osteoporosis. After you buy Fosamax, you can expect it to initiate the process of bone resorption within one month. However, Fosamax will take about six months for a patient to see a considerable effect after you buy Fosamax online and start administering it regularly. The magnitude to which it would affect your condition depends on the magnitude of bone density loss you have when you start taking the medication. In mild to moderate cases, Fosamax takes about three months to show significant improvement in three months. Severe cases might need a minimum of 6 months to see significant changes.



Fosamax is available in various dosages or strengths. You can buy Fosamax online in the strengths of:

  • Fosamax 5mg
  • Fosamax 10mg
  • Fosamax 35mg
  • Fosamax 40mg
  • Fosamax 70mg

Dosage for the Treatment of Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women

  • Take a 70 mg tablet on time in a week.


  • Take an oral solution of 70 mg once a week.

Dosage for Prevention of the Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women

  • Administrate a 35 mg tablet once a week


  • Administrate a 5 mg tablet once daily a week.

Dosage for Increasing Bone Mass for the Men

  • Take a 70 mg tablet on time in a week.


  • Take a bottle of an oral solution of 70 mg onetime in a week.

*Fosamax is not recommended for children.

General Instruction Regarding Fosamax Dosage:

  • Buy Fosamax medicine in the dose that your doctor recommends.
  • If you forget to administer the dosage, then skip it. Taking a double dose of Fosamax is not advisable.
  • Take Fosamax medication with a glass of water (at least 200ml).
  • This medication for osteoporosis should be administered on an empty stomach.
  • Wait for thirty minutes before you consume any meal after taking Fosamax.
  • Overdosing on Fosamax is strongly discouraged as it can lead to health adversities.



When it comes to storing Fosamax, keep in mind some of the criteria.

  • Store Fosamax at room temperature
  • Do not freeze this medicine or subject it to heat
  • Avoid storing Fosamax in damp or moist places like the bathroom and kitchen
  • The ideal temperature for storing Fosamax is 59- 89 degree/F (15- 30 degree/C)
  • Keep Fosamax in a place that is beyond the reach of the children.
  • Ensure that pets do not reach or accidentally consume Fosamax
  • In case the medicine has expired, wrap it in a paper bag and dispose of it safely.



  • Consulting a doctor is extremely necessary before taking Fosamax medication.
  • If there is low blood calcium in the body, avoid taking the high-dose medicine.
  • Avoid taking this medicine at the time of pregnancy or during breastfeeding.
  • People who have pre-existing esophageal conditions should avoid taking it.
  • Patients with kidney trouble must consult a doctor before they buy Fosamax online and take it.
  • Only adults should purchase Fosamax online. This is meant for adults only
  • Do not take this medication tight before operating heavy machinery or driving.
  • Report your entire medical history to your doctor before going on this medication.
  • Ignore buying this medicine if the package is tampered with or torn.
  • Carefully see the expiry date on the package of Fosamax.
  • Consult your physician if you are planning pregnancy.
  • Consult a physician if you have oral or dental issues.
  • Tell your doctor if you have some special medical conditions concerning digestion.
  • Take proper advice if you are a smoker.
  • Consult what is to be done if you are on some other medication too.
  • Never forget to take medicine before having breakfast.
  • Never take this medicine before going to bed.
  • Do not chew or bite on Fosamax tablets as it can cause oral conditions such as mouth ulcers.


Side effects

No medicine exists without the possibility of side effects. Although you can purchase Fosamax online without any doubt, if you are advised by your doctor, however, there are some chances of side effects. Let us have a look at the possible side effects one might encounter on administering Fosamax.

  • You can experience stomach aches after taking this medicine.
  • Diseases like constipation and mild diarrhea, gas can occur.
  • You can feel nausea too.
  • A feeling of itchiness can happen to the body.
  • A very serious side effect of this medicine is rare till now.
  • In some cases, patients have experienced joint swelling.

Patients who report side effects of Fosamax are few. However, we cannot rule out the possibility. The benefits of buying Fosamax online and taking it are way greater than the side effects. In most cases, the side effects of Fosamax go away on their own. However, if you think it to be serious, consult a doctor.





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