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Generic Name: Cilnidipine and Telmisartan               Strength(s):       20 mg

Brand Name:   Cilacar T                                                      Delivery Time:   25 days

Expire Date:    2023-07-10                                                  Shipping:          Worldwide

Order Cilacar T 40mg online and use it regularly to gain the most benefit from the medication. But always ensure that you do so under a doctor’s prescription. Select an authentic medical store that offers good quality medications at reasonable price and buy Cilacar T 40mg easily from the comfort of your home. 



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Angina or chest pains related to heart problems or hypertension is treated with Cilacar T 40mg tablets. They are a kind of anti-hypertensive tablets taken primarily for treating hypertension and angina. Hypertension is a chronic condition where the force that is being exerted by blood against the walls of the artery becomes high and it causes heart diseases. Angina is a pain in the chest that is caused by decreased flow of blood to the heart. Its primary elements are Cilnidipine and Telmisartan which will provide better control of blood pressure than either of the elements alone. Both the elements of this combination effectively try to subdue the blood pressure in various ways. They try to ease the blood vessels so that it becomes easier for the heart to send blood all around our body. A controlled blood pressure ensures that we are at lesser risk of suffering from heart attacks, kidney problems, or even a stroke. After you buy Cilacar T 140mg it should be consumed as prescribed by your doctor for effective results. It may not show any immediate results but it is very beneficial for the long term.

Working mechanism

Cilacar T 40mg consists of two drugs, both of which control the level of blood pressure. They reduce blood pressure by easing the blood vessels so that the pumping of the blood can be performed effectively by the heart. A well-circulated blood system lowers the chances of having a stroke or heart attack. The two drugs are called Cilnidipine which is a blocker of calcium channels and one is called Telmisartan which blocks angiotensin receptors. They both work simultaneously so that the heart can pump blood smoothly.


  • Buy Cilacar T 40mg online and consume it either after having food or on empty stomach as well.
  • If it is consumed at one particular time of the day, repeating that same time is advised.
  • The dosage of Cilacar T 40mg varies on the patient’s condition and the response rate of the medicine.
  • The tablets must be continued even after you start feeling good unless the doctor says to stop.
  • Controlled blood pressure is simultaneous to a fitter body with fewer chances of strokes and heart attacks.
  • This medicine will work faster with some lifestyle changes like quitting alcohol and smoking, maintaining a low fat and low salt diet along with exercises.
  • Swallow the tablet at one goes instead of breaking it or crushing it.
  • Make use of Cilacar T 40mg as suggested by your doctor.
  • Never buy Cilacar T 40mg and use it for longer or in larger amounts than prescribed by your doctor.
  • Always follow all directions mentioned on the prescription label.
  • Always get hold of medical help if you feel that you have overdosed yourself with the medication.


  • Always remember to store Cilacar T 40mg in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not keep it near light or heat, and moisture.
  • Do not let your kids come near Cilacar T 40mg medication.
  • Keep it away from your pets.
  • Never keep those that are past their expiry.
  • Throw them carefully.


  • Try to avoid drinking alcohol because it will be enhancing the medication’s effect of lowering blood pressure.
  • Before you take Cilacar T40mg, inform your doctor about liver and kidney problems and dehydration issues.
  • When you buy Cilacar T40mg and use it, you must check your blood pressure often along with kidney function must be tested.
  • Cilacar T 40mg might cause impaired judgement, problems in vision, decrease alertness, even dizziness or light-headedness. So it is better to avoid operating heavy machinery or driving which requires your strength or alertness.
  • In case of a missed dosage of Cilacar T 40mg, take one as soon as you remember.
  • If the duration gets very long between two dosages, take one at the same time as the previous day but be cautious about not double the dose.
  • It can cause ankle or foot swelling. Raise your legs while you are sitting down and talk to your doctor if it does not go away.
  • Never use Cilacar T 40mg if you are already pregnant.
  • Let your doctor know if you have become pregnant while taking the medication.
  • It is not clear if Cilacar T 40mg passes in breast milk.
  • Never buy Cilacar T 40mg and use it without consulting a doctor if you are breastfeeding your baby.
  • Always follow your doctor’s advice related to restrictions on beverages, food, and activity while making use of Cilacar T 40mg.
  • Individuals need to have a conversation with their doctor if they get pregnant or think of becoming pregnant or are breastfeeding while using Cilacar T 40mg.


Side effects

  • Cilacar T40 mg comes with some side effects. However, they do not need any medical help and will disappear soon once your body will get adjusted to the medication.
  • Get medical attention if they continue and you are worried about the side effects.
  • Cilacar T 40mg comes with some potential side effects such as headache, dizziness, tiredness, change of taste, stomach upset, sleepiness, edema, or swelling in feet and ankles.
  • But none of its side effects are severe. They are mostly minor ones and they fade away with regular usage.
  • If you get affected by serious side effects after you use the medicine then you should immediately stop using the medicine.
  • These side effects of Cilacar T 40mg rarely occur but if it does and does not go away even after you stop using the medicine then you should take medical aid.



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