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Order Vidalista online and use it correct dosage to treat male impotence. Listen to your doctor strictly while taking this medication. With regular usage you will be able to get proper penile erection and hold the attained erection for your desired time. Thus you will have a happy sex life with the help of Vidalista medication.

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A sexual issue in men that limits their capacity to get the necessary hardness in erections is known as erectile dysfunction. The principle justification behind this problem is improper blood movement through the penile nerves. Men order Vidalista online to treat this disorder.  Taking Vidalista pills, a chemical blocker builds the blood stream to your male organ causing penile erections upon incitement. Vidalista medication can give you some hardness in penile erections. The pills find its utilization in men who experience the ill effects of erectile disorder. This medication normally starts to work for male disorder within 30 minutes subsequent to taking it. It keeps on working for as long as 4 hours, in spite of the fact that its activity is generally less following 2 hours.

Working mechanism

When using Vidalista medication for male impotence, the capacity to have sexual action might be improved for till 36 hours once you take the tablet. Penile erection during sexual incitement is accomplished by the unwinding of penile courses and corpus cavernosal smooth muscles, prompting expanded blood stream to the organ. This reaction is intervened by the arrival of some nitric oxide from the nerve terminals along with endothelial cells that invigorates the amalgamation of cGMP in the smooth muscle cells. Cyclic GMP causes smooth muscle unwinding and expanded blood stream into the corpus cavernosum, and is debased by the cGMP explicit phosphodiesterase type 5 in the corpus cavernosum situated around the penis. Vidalista restrains PDE5 and in this manner improves erectile capacity by expanding the measure of cGMP accessible.



  • Use Vidalista medication precisely as coordinated by a doctor.
  • Try not to utilize a greater amount of it and don’t utilize it more frequently than recommended.
  • If excessive amount of is utilized, the shot at side effects is expanded.
  • Unique patient guidelines accompany Vidalista
  • Go through all directions cautiously before you begin utilizing the medication or every time you get a medication refill.
  • You can have food with Vidalista medication or avoid taking any food with it.
  • In case you are utilizing the oral fluid, shake the container well for somewhere around 10 seconds prior to estimating each dosage.
  • Utilize the oral needle given in the medication’s package to quantify each dosage.
  • Wash the oral needle after each use.
  • Utilize just the brand of Vidalista that your doctor asked to.
  • Various brands may not work the same way.
  • Vidalista dosage will be distinctive for various patients.
  • Follow your physician’s instructions or the label directions.
  • The accompanying data incorporates just the normal medication dosages.
  • If your dosage is unique, don’t alter it except if your doctor advises you to do as such.
  • Vidalista medication’s intake amount will depend on the medicine’s strength.
  • Additionally, the dosage number you need each day, the time permitted among dosages, and the time allotment you take the medication rely upon the medical issues for which you are utilizing the Vidalista medication.



  • Keep Vidalista medication in an air-tight container. Keep the container at room temperature.
  • Also ensure that no direct light, heat or moisture comes in its contact.
  • Do not freeze them.
  • Keep your kids and pets away.
  • Never store outdated Vidalista medication or any the one that you do not need any more.
  • If you do not use the medication ask your doctor how to dispose it carefully.
  • If you have any mixed medication that is used after 60 days, throw it away.


  • Vidalista medication may cause priapism, which is an erection that will not disappear.
  • If you get an erection that keeps going over 4 hours, call your doctor.
  • In case it’s not treated immediately, this condition can make extremely serious harm to the penis.
  • Vidalista medication may cause abrupt one eye or both eyes vision.
  • This is the symptom of severe eye problem.
  • If it happens, quit to buy Vidalista and get help from the doctor immediately.
  • Vidalista can cause loss of hearing too.
  • Do not use it if this happens or you will dizzy.
  • Children should never take this medication.
  • But in some cases it is known to be the ultimate option for treatment. So they buy Vidalista online.
  • Have a conversation with a child specialist to better comprehend the advantages and dangers related with this treatment choice.
  • The oral Vidalista tablet may interact with different meds, you might be taking.
  • This can be unsafe or keep the medication from functioning admirably.
  • To assist with staying away from any interaction, your doctor should deal with each of your medicines cautiously.
  • Make certain to inform the doctor regarding all medicines, you take if you order Vidalista online for male sexual disorder.
  • To discover how Vidalista medication may interact with something different you take, talk with the doctor.
  • Try not to consume these medications with Vidalista medication.
  • Doing as such can cause risky impacts in the body.
  • Some of these medications are:
  1. Nitrates, for example, nitroglycerin- Taking these medications with Vidalista can make lower the blood pressure suddenly to a hazardous level.
  2. Guanylate cyclase triggers, for example, riociguat- If you take them with this male impotence drug your pulse will become unstable.



Side effects

The medication will not cause drowsiness but can cause one of these side effects:

  • Fever
  • Sleeping problem
  • Nosebleeds
  • Respiratory infection
  • Sore throat

These mild side effects go away easily within some days or weeks. If they become persistent and cause serious problems, tell your doctor. Some serious Vidalista medication side effects along with symptoms are:

  • Low blood pressure, sleepiness, weakness, trouble breathing, dizziness, chest pain, confusion, speaking trouble and so on.

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